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Tourist attractions in Wolfsburg

"Harsh charm" is how some people describe the atmosphere of Wolfsburg as an industrial location. However, the diverse range of cultural, sporting and leisure activities easily compensates for the austere charm. We have Volkswagen AG to thank for this! In Wolfsburg you can enjoy mature culture and society. Here you are completely free from the stresses and strains of the metropolises. By the way: At the Parkhotel Wolfsburg, only the white wine is tart. Many guests are surprised that there is such a beautiful place in our city!

Experience Wolfsburg and its surroundings: phaeno, Allerpark, art museum, castle, theater, BadeLand Wolfsburg, planetarium, designer outlets and, of course, the Autostadt - in Wolfsburg, visitors both young and old get their money's worth when it comes to leisure activities. Wolfsburg is also an ideal starting point for excursions to the Harz Mountains. Interesting old towns such as Goslar, Celle, Wolfenbüttel or Wernigerode can also be easily visited from here. In short: There will not be enough time to discover everything!

The Autostadt in Wolfsburg

Mobility, architecture, art and design, education and nature, events and attractions: Autostadt in Wolfsburg offers a wide variety of experiences. Overview and experience tours give you an overview of what to expect at Autostadt. On theme tours you will acquire new knowledge or deepen your knowledge. Discover the Autostadt in Wolfsburg!

The Autostadt for the family

Play worlds that make children's eyes light up. Vehicles that move. Innovations that shape the future. Food that makes people happy. The Autostadt in Wolfburg is an experience for the whole family. We take you on a journey into the world of mobility.

phaeno - amazing phenomena

A fire tornado over six meters high. A feather that can be seen but not grasped. A fakir lying comfortably on its bed studded with nails - more than 350 phenomena inspire enthusiasm for natural science and technology. There's plenty for you to discover in Germany's unique experimental landscape. Best of all, you can have a say in what happens and even influence it. Take a virtual tour of the exhibition or visit the phaeno on site!

Paleon Schöninger Spears

In the Schöningen Spears Adventure Center you can see the oldest preserved hunting weapons of mankind. The award-winning building made of mirror glass houses archaeological finds that are unique in the world: 300,000-year-old spears, the tooth and bone of a saber-toothed cat, the most dangerous animal of the Paleolithic period, but also the tusk and rib of a forest elephant - perhaps the remains of the oldest elephant hunt. On the basis of such sensational finds, human history has been rewritten: Our predecessors, Homo heidelbergensis, could communicate, hunt in groups, work with tools and handle fire. What does this mean for us? The exciting permanent exhibition will give you an answer. By the way, the Paleon offers adventures for families - summer and winter.

Sport and recreation in Allerpark

Whether water sports, soccer, skating, bowling, climbing, ice hockey or simply sunbathing - the Allerpark offers a variety of extraordinary activities at any time of the year and day. You want to do sports? You are looking for recreation? In the Allerpark you will find numerous free leisure activities - and you are guaranteed to find the right thing: beach volleyball, a disc golf course, spacious beach and lawn areas to relax.

The Allerpark is an oasis on the shores of the Allersee with great adventure worlds. A visit to this extraordinary leisure and recreation park is worthwhile!

Megas fun at the wake park

Conquer the water, dare to make exciting jumps, enjoy pure recreational pleasure - it's not for nothing that wakeboarding is all the rage. One of Germany's facilities is located in Allerpark. Get the feeling!

The ropeway with its 568 meters is the only six-mast installation in an artificial lake. Its pull ratios and angles are optimally adapted to wakeboarding. Due to the many masts, the installation is very taut - the best prerequisite for extraordinary jumps. The wake park is also suitable for beginners and children, not least because of the moderate lap length and the blunt riding angle (hexagon instead of pentagon). But the facility also challenges advanced riders: Meanwhile, there are kickers and sliders in the water for grinding and jumping. The facility is equally well suited for water skiing enthusiasts.

Boards and the equipment can be rented at the park.

Fun and relaxation at BadeLand Wolfsburg

22,000 square meters, 3,000 square meters of water surface, the "Blck Hole" slide with exciting light effects and the tire funnel slide on which children love to whiz down, water games and geysers for the little ones, a sauna landscape with twelve saunas - the sports, games and fun offers of BadeLand Wolfsburg make your visit to Germany's largest leisure pool an absolute experience.

Relaxation is offered by the large Mediterranean pool with massage jets and bubble bath. If you don't want to do any sports, let yourself be carried through the current channel or enjoy the wave action in the large wave pool.

Mini golf, massages, promotions such as a midnight sauna, Family Sunday or the Lower Saxony Slide Championship provide even more fun and enjoyment.

Excitement and fun in the "Monkeyman" high ropes course

Watch out, wobbly! In the Monkeyman you cross suspension bridges, run through tunnels, balance on balance beams and overcome many other obstacles to get back to the ground. The climbing world at Allerpark challenges you, but you don't have to be a jock: All it takes is a bit of courage.

Three low-ropes courses at a height of 1.5 meters and five high-ropes courses with heights between four and 13 meters lead through living trees. You'll balance, skateboard and crawl at heights of four, five and eight meters. You can attempt a Tarzan jump, crawl through a wobbly barrel and conquer the jungle bridge. Once you've cleared all the hurdles, it's back to earth on the zip line.

If you're climbing, you're secured with a harness. The rope is so short that you will not feel like falling. The facility complies with the latest safety standards and is inspected annually by TÜV. The safety system, which is unique in Germany, guarantees the very highest level of protection and carefree climbing pleasure.

If you prefer to explore the Allerpark on the ground, you can rent Segways from the high ropes course. On site, there is an introduction to the ride with the electric scooter.

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