Apartments for a time for yourself

Modern and comfortable apartments in Wolfsburg

No more than a three-minute walk from the main building are 30 apartments in a quiet location with everything you need for a pleasant stay at the Parkhotel Wolfsburg. Here, stylish living is combined with all hotel services including fast and resilient internet. You can expect a spacious living and working room, a modern kitchen, bright bathrooms and a comfortable sleeping area in the separée or a bedroom. A washing machine completes your self-catering. In the evening you can relax on a balcony or terrace; most apartments have a balcony or terrace. Look forward with us to 15 soon to be freshly renovated apartments!


The Parkhotel apartments are our sustainability project with feel-good factor!

15 freshly renovated apartments - all built sustainably. We achieve the ambitious goal by using a loam mud construction and design plaster. We're also involving local craftsmen in the renovation, and we're using solid oak wood from our urban forest. We will use less heating energy and keep it cozy and warm: only through modern windows, CO2-neutral washing and green electricity.

We attach particular importance to a pleasantly modern and restrained design. Here, the colors and the material are convincing - clarity instead of baroque opulence is our line. This promotes your well-being and contributes to a healthy room climate and good sleep. The convincing room concept, however, is created by modern standards in bathroom fittings, high-quality designer lighting, chic oak furniture, marble tables and box-spring beds.

We are leading the remodeling effort. We proudly look forward to two renovated and habitable Parkhotel apartments in the summer of 2022. We will complete the next 13 in the coming months.

The rent for the apartments depends on how long you want to stay, but also on the size of the apartments and the number of people arriving with you. 


Apartment from a single room

Size: 20-30 sqm
French bed: 120 x 200 cm
Separate bedroom

Price on request

Apartment from one double room

Size: 30-50 sqm
Queen size bed: 160 x 200 cm

Price on request

Boarding suite

Size: 40-120 sqm
Two king size beds: 180 x 200 cm, extra bed: 100 x 200 cm
Two to three bedrooms

Price on request

Daniela Dejl-Andree

Reservation management