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31.Dezember 2023
ab 19.00 Uhr

New Year's Eve Dinner 2023
with live music and dancing

Im festlich geschmückten Wintergarten begrüßen wir Sie 
ab 19.00 Uhr. „The Ellingtones“ begleiten den Abend live bis nach Mitternacht mit stimmungsvoller Musik sowie fetziger Tanzmusik.
Highlight ist unser exquisites Fünfgangmenü ab 20.00 Uhr. Zum Übergang ins neue Jahr servieren wir einen deftigen Mitternachtssnack. 


Amuse Bouche
Bacon Maple Jam & Goat Cheese
Nori Salmon & Wakame
Panna Cotta of Mozzarella & Tomato Pesto
Goose Liver Praline & Mango Chutney

Beef Tea
Beef Fillet & Beech Mushrooms

Monkfish in Pancetta Coat
Pumpkin Risotto & Fennel Foam

Champagne-Lemon sorbet
Pear coulis

Pink roasted rack of lamb with gremolata crust
Thyme jus, white bean puree, broccoletto
and crispy potato cubes

Olive oil cake
white valrhona mousse, honey crumble, yuzugel & fig ice cream


Small Berliner
and lentil soup with sausages

249 Euro per person
including overnight stay in double room or single room

189 Euro per person (without overnight stay)

New Year's Eve dinner with live music

A refund after receipt of payment is not possible,
at most a conversion into a value credit.
In case of an unavoidable cancellation, this value can be used in the run within the
following year (from the date of purchase) in the restaurant.
A value credit for consumption after the deadline, i.e. less than 5 days before
start of the event, takes place at 50%.

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